Winners Chapel Sacked Pastors Placed on 1yr Salary-South African Pastor


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Winner Chapel aka The Living Faith Church Sacked Pastors has been Placed on a 1 year salary by a South African based pastor.

The founder of the South African based Church, Abba Father Ministries Isaiah Okechukwu has offered to help Godwin Onoruoiza, one of the Living Faith Chapel Worldwide aka Winners Chapel who was recently sacked.


Isaiah Okechukwu who on his official Instagram page made the announcement while sharing screenshots of a chat between both of them and one of his first payment.

Godwin who was placed on a month salary of N100,000 for the next five years by the Man of God till he regain his stand.

Winners Chapel Pastor

winners chapel

He wrote

“The reason why some people are not condeming Bishop David Oyedepo is because he is the God Father to their spiritual fathers and for that they have become imbeciles who cannot speak up and talk. The same godfatherism in politicians life`s is been played in the church of God.

Indeed Oyedepo and some of our father has a lot to learn from Obi Cubana. Please anybody who cam help me track down the Pastor he fired, I will place him under a Monthly Salary of 100k for five years until he gets on his feet.”

He also claimed that Pastor Godwin reached out him and after confirming his identity he went on to make his first payment.

Other Clergy men should emulate billionaire businessmen. Obinna Iyiegbu aka Cubana by encouraging the youths and to do away with godfatherism in Christianity.

He quotes also

“One hour after i made the post of the Pastor peter Godwin and 30 others that were fired, they reached out to me. I video called and verified it was him. Credited him and it will be like tis according to my promise as God empowers us. I no rich pass your daddy G.Os’


“I no be mumu… I don`t need your accolades if we die now all the millions for account we no go carry yam go grave. No be how much money you way you get. do you have the heart to help humanity with genuine needs. Obi Cubana gave 300 million to the youth in his village and around. Can your Daddy G.Os do it? with all the billions they don pack….. God please help the church”


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