Twerking: Wendy Shay threatens to snatch someone’s man with her slim waist

Wendy Shay Twerking

Last Updated on December 4, 2021 by Tobi

Twerking In a ‘wild’ video, Wendy Shay threatens to steal someone’s boyfriend with her thin waist.

Wendy Shay, who said in June that she is a born-again Christian, wore a white wrapper over her ‘back side’ over a crop top that exposed her waist and beads to show her Netizens how horrible she is at twerking and sexy dancing.

Wendy Shay was dancing to the portion of the song when it goes, “whine and go down, break your waist… she terrible, but I’m worse than Selina…” I’ll kidnap your boy with my little waist.’

The video, which was shared on Instagram 16 hours ago, has over 191,000 views and over a thousand comments from fans who have a lot to say. “I assumed you were a devout Christian who would preach via music. What’s up, the world is lovely, isn’t it? “, remarked @remain411 in a comment.

@albert jay stated something similar “Wendy has gone sweet, I promise. “So this is what u have been concealing from our spouses erh oh fine,” @adzimonica8 said, adding, “so this is what u have been hiding from our husbands erh oh fine.” “.. Take a look at the video below.

Click the link below to watch video.

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