NUC begins clampdown on 67 illegal universities — Prof. Abubakar

67 illegal universities

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Prof. Abubakar Adamu Rasheed, the Executive Secretary of the National Universities Commission (NUC), stated Wednesday that the commission would soon close down 67 unlawful universities throughout Nigeria.

He also warned professional organizations that were allegedly bending NUC regulatory protocol for certification to stop because the commission would start biting with its legal fangs from now on.

Rasheed declared at Al-Hikmah University’s 11th Convocation event in Ilorin that the process of nation-building and churning out patriotic Nigerians in an imagined “new Nigeria” should start at the Ivory Towers.

A total of 1,079 graduands were conferred with diverse degrees across several fields, with 28 receiving First Class.

“The concern currently is the threat of unlawful colleges, satellite campuses, and centers, which number 67 at the last count,” Rasheed stated. To make matters worse, they all give out certificates.

“Through inter-agency coordination, the commission is taking efforts to combat the undesirable development straight on, particularly through mass sensitization of unknowing clients through the periodic release of a list of such degree mills.”

The New Nigeria initiative is a collective effort that requires everyone’s participation.

“Despite the commission’s considerable achievements, it nevertheless confronts several problems. Professional bodies have intervened in the requirements for the Benchmark Minimum Academic Standard, for example.

“At times, their standards, norms, and regulations distort, contradict, or openly contravene the NUC’s established academic practices.”

Mr. Ibrahim Suleiman, the Kwara State Governor, who was represented by the state’s Commissioner for Tertiary Education, said his administration will continue to invest in education, which he described as the “bedrock” of any nation.

Prof. Noah Yusuf, the faith-based institution’s Vice-Chancellor, said the university will continue to defend its non-discriminatory academic standards since its contributions to Nigeria’s high academic rankings could not be overstated.

He encouraged the Federal Government to implement on-farm settlements as a solution to the country’s ongoing confrontations between herders and farmers.

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