Prophet Okikijesu “Buhari, Ghana & Ivory Coast President Will be Removed

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Apostle Paul Okikejesu of the Christ Apostlic Miracle Ministry has said that God is about to reject the government of President Muhammed Buhari .

God said that if the president refuses to change, He will reject his government just liked he rejected the government of King Saul of the bible

Thus say the Lord : if the President refuses to quickly make amendments during this periods, i will change hands concerning his government, says the Lord God of Host”

The actions of the President of Ghana and Ivory coast does not also please God he added.

Fully statingThus says the Lord: if these leaders refuse to take steps of reflection, my judgement will come upon yhem mightily.

“If they refuse to pay attention to the voice of i the lord from the mouths of the religious advisers: if thy elevate humans or idols more than i the Lord; then the judgement of i the lord will work with a harsh judgement hand”

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