Precious Chasenoa Igoni, who is now known as Boi Chase is a fast-growing Nigerian Afrobeats and R&B singer, songwriter, and musician. He rose to the limelight after he released his hit jam titled, “How Long.” Also, he is known for his other hit song titled “Attention,” and his cover of Davido and Pheelz’s song “Electricity” titled, “Electricity Refix (Special Version).”

Boi Chase amassed more fame to his name after he did a cover to the new DMW hit song “Electricity” which he titled “Electricity Refix (Special Version). Now, the original version of Electricity was a song by Davido and Pheelz. Speaking of fame, Boi is currently trending as the new up-and-coming artist to be blown because Davido posted a video of his (Bio) cover on his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Having given you a background summary of Boi’s biography, I will take a thorough look at his biography, Career, Twitter, Instagram, age, TikTok, birthday, songs, and other minor things you have been meaning to know about him. Without further ado, let’s dive into it!

Boi Chase Biography

Legally born and named Precious Chasenoa Igoni in an unknown year to the family of Mr. and Mrs. Igoni in Bayelsa State, Precious Chasenoa Igoni is who we now know as Boi Chase. Although his exact date of birth was unknown to our team at the time, Boi was more than likely in the 2000s.

What’s more, he is originally a native of Bayelsa State, one of the states in the South-South part of Nigeria. He was also raised in Bayelsa where he currently lives with his parents. According to our team of writers’ findings, his parents are among Nigeria’s middle-class population.

Boi Chase Educational Background

For his education, Precious Chasenoa Igoni attended his primary school and secondary school in schools in Bayelsa State. Therein, he obtained his First School Leaving Certificate and West African Examination Certificate.

While this is so, however, at the time this article went live on our website, Talk Talk Today, whether or not Boi is a university undergrad student is unknown.

Boi Chase Early Career

The first-rising (up-and-coming) Nigerian Afrobeats singer, Boi Chase started his career in the Nigerian music industry about a year ago. He started by releasing songs and doing cover songs for hit songs.

Boi, in July 2022, released his self-titled debut album which he titled “The Chase.” Announcing the release of the album, Precious Chasenoa Igoni posted the cover of the album on his Instagram, Twitter, and Twitter accounts. Looking at the cover picture, The Chase album has 20 songs in it.

Who is Boi Chase?

Who is Boi Chase?

Side by side, our findings reveal that Boi Chase is signed under Login Records. Now, Login Records is a record label based in the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria, FCT Abuja. Of course, Precious Chasenoa Igoni released his debut album (The Chase) under this record.

Notably, Boi Chase rose to the limelight after his songs “How Long” and “Attention” went viral on the internet. He mostly promotes his songs on his self-titled TikTok account, where he posts covers and asks his followers to make videos vibing to the same. Side note: Precious Chasenoa Igoni released a Sophomore Ep recently titled, “Shades of Chase.”

Boi Chase Electricity Refix (Special Version)

After Nigerian artists and musicians, Davido and Pheelz released their latest hit song titled “Electricity,” Precious Chasenoa Igoni did a cover of the song, titled Electricity Refix, which was released under the Login Records label.

Following the release of this cover song, Boi Chase posted a video of himself vibing to the song on TikTok and asked his followers to do the same. Since he started this challenge on TikTok, about 327 videos have been made with his sound (Electricity Refix), amounting to about 64.5k thousand accumulated views.

Boi Chase and Davido, Davido Electricity

Due to how this cover song has been shared and vibed to, and also due to how lit it is, DMW boss, Davido posted the cover song on his Twitter and Instagram accounts. He posted it on his Twitter account on the 18th of September 2022 at about 8:00 PM in a tweet that read in full “OK @callmeboichase think I’ve found A GUY.”

Although it is not yet up to 24 hours since he posted the video on his Twitter account with over 12.5 million followers, the video has received 191k thousand views, 27k thousand likes, over 4k Retweets and about 400 hundred quoted retweets.

On his Instagram account with over 25.1 million followers, the video has been liked by 157k people and has over 9k comments so far. Oh, and it is barely up to a day since he posted these videos.

Boi Chase Songs

Since Precious Chasenoa Igoni’s career took a new turn, Boi has released quite a good number of songs. These are some of his songs since he started his career in the Nigerian music industry, including but not limited to:

  • Super Charged ft No Trace
  • More
  • Intro
  • Shalaye
  • NMB
  • Bad Boy
  • Distance ft Dammy Wonda
  • Thunder
  • TGIF
  • My Guy
  • Boi Chase — Better Place ft Atela
  • Enjoy Life
  • Onion Body
  • Spliff
  • Tired of You
  • Aunty Patricia
  • Rainy Day
  • Attention
  • How Long
  • Like This
  • Electricity Refix (Special Version)
  • Sinner
Boi Chase “The Chase” album cover.

Boi Chase “The Chase” album cover.


  • The Chase
  • Shades of Chase

Boi Chase Instagram

Precious Chasenoa Igoni has an Instagram account with the username @datsboichase with over 54.3k thousand followers. He joined the platform in November 2016 and has made about 109 posts so far. In his bio, he wrote in full, “My music gives you butterflies in your ear.” He is following about 2210 accounts and made his first post on the 19th of October 2021.

Boi Chase Twitter

Boi Chase has a Twitter account with the username @callmeboichase with over 5.5k thousand followers. He joined the platform in December 2021 and has made about 59 tweets. So far, he is following 181 people.

Boi Chase TikTok

According to our findings, Boi has a TikTok account with the username @datsboichase with over 94.7k followers. So far, he posted about 69 videos and has accumulated over 996k thousand likes. Moreover, his pinned videos have over 1.7 million views, 1.6 million views, and 387k views respectively. On TikTok, his #boichase hashtag has amassed over 92.3k thousand views.

Boi Chase Girlfriend

Well, Precious Chasenoa Igoni is not dating anyone currently. He is focusing more on his musical career than on relationships and so he does not have a girlfriend.

Where is Boi Chase From?

Precious Chasenoa Igoni is from Bayelsa State, Nigeria.

Boi Chase Net Worth

At the time we edited and published this article on our website, Talk Talk Today, Boi Chase does not have an estimated net worth.